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Selling Tips

Selling a home can be a rewarding undertaking, but sometimes it can take a lot out of the seller! We're here to help. You don't have to go it alone and our team of professional agents are standing by to help you. Sometimes homes are on the market for a long time and sometimes they sell the day after they are listed. We've seen it all and are ready to deal with what may come. We are hear to help you and with our combined experience, there is nothing that will catch us off guard.

Some things to keep in mind while selling:


After taking into consideration the area, condition of the home, market trends and what your neighbor's house sold for, the factors can become overwhelming when determining your asking price. Our agents will help you with your assessment and come up with a fair price that will greatly benefit you, the seller. With lots of information available to them, our team can get you up and selling in a short amount of time.


Beautiful landscaped yards, near to the good schools, close to the beach and shopping areas are all factors that go into the location aspect of selling. Homes in the desirable areas will bring in the attractive price, that's just a simple fact. Sometimes a less-desirable location will require a lower asking price.


A home that is in "Move In" condition will typically sell more quickly than a home that needs some repair work done to it. The homes that are in the "Fixer Upper" category have gained some popularity in recent years, but price is a major factor when considering one of those homes. Many of today's buyers have little time to spend on home improvement repairs.

Having an agent by your side, equipped with all of the latest market trends and information, is the best way to go about selling your home. They will ensure that the entire process is completed in a timely and professional manner and that you, the seller, are comfortable throughout. If you're selling your East Lake home, contact the Lipply Real Estate Group. Our team of professionals are waiting to work with you and make the selling of your home an easy and enjoyable experience.  Learn more about our selling strategies here.