Pros and Cons of Gated Communities

Pros and Cons of Gated Communities

Gated communities can be a wonderful place to live, especially in the beautiful communities of East Lake. Offering a sense of security, serenity and peace of mind, East Lake has plenty of homes in gated communities to welcome you. The gated communities of East Lake are listed below. Granted, gated communities are not for everyone, so we have compiled the following list for you to consider before making your move into a gated community. We have split the list into Reasons For and Reasons against.

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Eagle Watch Eagles Cove East Lake Woodlands Grey Oaks
Lakeplace Presidents Landing Ridgemoor Waterford
Wentworth Winslow Park

Reasons For

If security is high on your list of necessity for your home, then a gated community will suit you well. Gated communities are typically inhabited by like-minded people and have a strong sense of community and friendship.

Traffic flow is not a problem in gated communities as only residents drive through them. There won't be any "short-cutting" through your neighborhood by non-residents, making the streets safe and open for tossing a football or baseball, or taking an early evening walk.

There is a sense of pride in residents, coming from the time they spend on their yards and curb appeal. You won't find yards full of debris in a gated community, but rather green grass and colorful flowers.

Gated communities offer solid homeowner associations with rules and regulations that keep property values high and the properties looking their best.

Gated communities will attempt to limit the amount of traffic through the area by contracting with one trash company, as well as other service oriented vendors.

Reasons Against

Sometimes the gates will stay open during the day or visitors will tailgate an entering car and gain access to the subdivision.

Homeowner association payments are typically higher and gates will require routine maintenance and repairs.

Streets are not maintained by the county and the cost of the HOA can increase over time.

Business owners who work out of their homes may be limited to the flow of mail carriers and couriers. Despite these reasons for and against living in a gated community, residents of East Lake are pleased with their living conditions as the community has both gated and non-gated subdivisions to consider. We recommend letting us help you conduct further research into the East Lake community and make your decision based on personal testimony.

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