Adding Curb Appeal to Enhance Your Home

Curb Appeal for East Lake Florida Homes

If you might be putting your East Lake home up for sale in the near future, we invite you to take a look at your home through buyers' eyes. Does your home stand out on your street for all the right reasons? For example, is your yard edged and do your trees look healthy? There are some simple things you can do for a small amount of money that will greatly improve the look of your home. Add a few new plants, square off the sidewalk and you will have your home looking in tip top shape.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint that is beginning to fade or chip can really bring down the appeal of an otherwise nice home. Fresh paint will give new life to the outside appearance and provide your home with a fresh, out of the box look. We recommend a neutral color to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. Giving the trim a nice touchup will also put a nice finishing touch on the outside and show off the house just a little bit more!


A house with overgrown trees and shrubs can look neglected, so we recommend a little trim here, a snip there and a few new plants to bring your home a nice appearance. Pulling out the weeds, pruning the plants and taking care of the leaves can pay off well in the sale of your home. For one afternoon worth of work, you can greatly increase your selling potential.

A New Roof is a Huge Asset

While an expensive upgrade, a new roof will more than pay for itself as buyer's consider your asking price. Replacing the roof before the sale will improve your chances of getting an offer on the spot, without having the roof inspected and then having to negotiate who will pay for the replacement.

Small Touches with Huge Impact

Showing your buyer that you care about your home can go a long way in the negotiation process. With a clean driveway and sidewalk, clear windows and a sharp looking mailbox, let your potential buyers know that they are buying a home that was kept in excellent condition. An attractive outside will let the buyer know that they will find an attractive inside, and really helps to get the right people looking at your home. If the outside is not well kempt, many potential buyers wont even bother to take a flyer or make inquiries about seeing the inside, instead they'll keep on looking. When you are ready to put your East Lake home on the market, contact the Lippy Group and we'll get you set up to have the best selling experience possible.
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